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Congratulations on deciding to explore the fantastic educational freedoms and benefits offered by homeschooling! 

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Homeschooling offers lots of choices and ways of learning, some of which don’t have to look anything like a traditional school curriculum. It doesn’t mean that your children will miss out on learning though, many homeschoolers actually get into TAFE or University earlier than their peers. No overstuffed curriculums, no homework, exams, tests or need to spend hours proving knowledge, means that more time can be spent on learning and experiencing. Your children will be encouraged to play, problem solve, discuss, analyse, take ownership, innovate, explore and contribute to their changing world.

There are many different ways of learning to choose from, and you can find out more about these in our getting started page.

Many parents can find getting started a bit daunting, so we have tried to help simplify it all by listing a range of resources, supports and information on how to register, get a learning plan organised, and start your new journey.

Homeschoolers might all do it differently, but often they like to share classes, events and excursions with other homeschoolers.  Regular catchups with the same families can help develop relationships and bonds as well as making the most of the benefits of learning together and bouncing ideas off each other.

We will be listing workshops, co-ops, classes, events, groups and resources for you to explore. We are also currently partnering with educators to create learning opportunities specifically designed for homeschoolers – critical thinking and engaging life skills classes to enable your child to explore, learn and flourish, in a rapidly changing world.

Our Homeschooling Mentor support team have created a range of resources, run workshops, and offer chat advice in our telegram group, as well as confidential one on one zoom support if you want to explore support with writing learning plans, parenting, and counselling for more complex issues.!

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Support Services for New Families

Our Mentor team of experienced professionals, teachers and  homeschool parents, have a combined wealth of experience to offer new homeschool families. The pandemic has seen a rapid growth in the number of families choosing to homeschool, and many of them are finding the transition more complex than usual, in the wake of experiencing lockdowns, disrupted education, loss of jobs, social disconnection and considerable financial and emotional strain. We offer a range of relevant supports to help get you started, everything from help with applications, parenting and trauma counselling.

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Join our mailing list, and you will receive regular updates about new online classes, new events, zoom classes, resources, learning co – ops ( where parents provide classes in their skill area) and groups to join in with other homeschoolers. Homeschooling is about community, and there are lots of great opportunities to socialise, play sports and go on excursions together. 

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